Dance Class

Dance. With. Us.

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A community for adults; learn simple themed dance routines that are suitable for all abilities. It's all about FUN, building confidence and enhancing your well-being. Attend weekly sessions and learn a fun themed dance routine. Different routine each week! Perfect if you would like:

  • new FUN hobby

  • To meet new people

  • To build your dance confidence

  • To enhance your well-being


The production of the videos and tutorials was fantastic! The videos have allowed us to work through

it all at our own pace and learn it step by step. Naomi is a complete natural on the camera and we are thoroughly enjoying learning our dance in the comfort of our own home. We are now super excited to share our first dance with all our guests!

Kim & Lucy

Did a Beyonce themed dance workshop and it was so fab! Ultimate sass, fabulous movements and routines, easy to follow and pick up! I went with 3 others and we had such a giggle and left feeling like we were the real Destiney's Child...strutting down the street as we left on such a high. Would defo love to do more in the future!


We asked Dancerella for assistance creating a special fun routine for our first dance at our upcoming wedding. The whole process and result was fantastic and it was all done over a couple of weeks.  Would 100% recommend. Thank you so much for your help. 

TJ & Violett