We create bespoke dance packages for your special day. The wedding first dance package includes:

* Venue booking included

* A personalised MP3 file.  We will create the music mashup and send it to you as a file

* Fun, relaxed dance class 

We also have digital packages available. The beauty of going digital is, you can pause, stop rewind the tutorials as many times as you like! 

Please get in touch for a friendly consultation, so we can find out what you are looking for and create a bespoke package for you.



It’s a dance off! Get your bridal parties together for some fun; we will create a routine that parties will learn separately and then it's over to you to let loose at the wedding, provide your own wedding entertainment and have something fun to remember.

We have two fun options:
Option 1 – We will organise the routine to be professionally filmed before the wedding and provide you with a memory stick for it to be played at the wedding.

Option 2 – Both parties can perform the routine at the wedding LIVE!  

We really hope we can help make your wedding experience fun and memorable with your loved ones.